Brecan's mission is to provide home owners with custom homes at a price no different to an off-the-shelf package or plan book home.


We focus our efforts upon assisting the build process to lock-up or to drywall. Those initial stages are the more complex phase of a build and the area for which we can provide best value - especially to home owner builders. During the early construction phase it is most important that the correct materials are provided on time at the right cost so that the labour component is efficiently deployed.


The value we bring is getting the right quantity of a consistent quality material to site at the correct time, at a fair price.




The Triquetra of Time-Cost-Quality

Our logo illustrates the guiding principles that are critical to a successful home build, namely the balance between Time, Cost & Quality. Each project has a different balance between these three factors.


The benefit of good planning and design is that risks can be minimized. Taking out the element of surprise minimizes the risk for the builder and the home owner. By providing a fixed price for the materials to the point of lock-up, we are able to fix approximately 25-40% of the total build costs to drywall. Builders don't need to worry about when to order materials - they can focus & schedule their work more effectively and houses can be framed far more quickly.


Rather than place an arbitrary per square foot cost to all our packages, each and every home should and is priced according to its design and specification - essentially assessed on its own merits.



If we buy well and the products get installed efficiently (because there is a clear plan, ready supply, and requisite skill level) and everyone along the line makes a decent living then the costs to produce that home are fair. Our motto is "Making a Living, not a Killing".




Only when planning is thorough and fixed price contracts are tendered can construction costs be properly managed and the best price be achieved. Your best bet is to also find a builder who will give you a fixed labour price, but if that's not feasible, at least ensure that you pick a builder you can trust and hedge the situation by at least fixing the materials price

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