In order to minimise risks with a home build it is important to commence the contracts phase in a position of strength - detailed plans should be finalised; all site unknowns answered or mitigated; materials and designs finalised and thus customisation risks are reduced.


Requests for Quotes

The home owner should pass out requests for quotes to a selected list of builders. By providing a sufficient time for these contractors to work throught the plans and to go out and get their best sub-trade quotes, the home owner stands the best chance of getting a good price. Please refer to our FAQ page for some insights in selecting an appropriate builder.


Permit Application

It is preferable to leave the permit application process until after contracts are in place, you know that you can get the home built withing your budget. Some home designs/building locations however are complex and call for Permits to be in place early in the process to ensure that the approvals process doesn't hinder the project.



Package Production

Once your plans are completed the house package production can commence. If time is short and obtaining a building permit is a foregone conclusion, package production can occur concurrent with the permit application process. When time is extremely tight, sometimes even site preparation can be undertaken during the permit application process.


The end of the Contracts phase should mean that the home owner has a fixed price in place for construction to at least drywall and a good indication (if not a fixed price) for the completed house. Frequently our clients are not in a position to detail their Finishing specifications - their best route forward can be to leave that finishing phase contract to later.


Please read our comments relating to these matters at our FAQ Page.

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