Concept Designs


Every client possesses a different level of competence when it comes to picturing their ideas. Some people cannot relate 2D plans to 3D, some people struggle to grasp sizing and space constraints. Brecan Homes has an in-house design team that can provide excellent three-dimensional renders that assist greatly in a client's understanding. We also use local third-party consultants to ensure the very best design ideas are brought to the table. By keeping a close eye on the budget constraints yet opening up all sensible options it is surprising what the end result can look like from what frequently is a quite bland layout.


There is little point getting to a nice design that requires unacceptable levels of engineering or remedial work to make it function. The design phase is therefore an iterative process of checking the desired features against a host of key factors including engineering, material capabilities, geotechnical factors.


As Brecan Homes' main goal is to provide custom homes at minimal cost increase over a standard boiler-plate plans,  we have focussed much of our efforts at making sure we are adept at providing truly custom designs.


Brecan Homes won't provide a long list of sample plans because we know there are a whole host of them already available either on websites, in books or magazines. Unfortunately some of these plans are inappropriate and can also tend to narrow the available

options ...clients can sometimes fall into the trap of "situating the plan".


Although it is usually good to start with some ideas it can therefore sometimes be beneficial to start the process from scratch - we know what questions to ask and can shape the design process unconstrained by misconceived ideas.

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