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Brecan Homes provides services to home-owner builders and contractors. We aim to provide custom homes at a price no higher than a standard plan-book home.

We provide a fixed-price materials package at the same price as a per-piece purchase from a lumber store.

We offer a range of services to assist with a construction project - from early design ideas through engineering and drafting services to materials provision.

We offer a broad selection of materials to suit every budget level - from foundations to drywall.

Our company is structured in such a way as to share the upside - the home owner benefits from an affordable yet fixed-price contract, the builder benefits from our estimating and materials provision services and we charge a fair margin for the value we bring and risks we manage.

Our intimate knowledge of construction costs allied with our design services allow us to match our client's needs with their budget.

If you already have plans drawn up then it's not too late to benefit - we can still offer the fixed price materials package.